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Reliable an professional safe storage in Waitakaruru

At some point in their life, everyone runs out of space! It could be a case of needing extra storage space for the company files, or the kids moving back home, but when the need arises, you need storage space fast.

Safe storage in Waitakaruru is what we specialise in creating.

More space

Just like countless other homes and businesses, you need extra storage space. Our self-storage units come in 3 different sizes, which means we have the right storage space for you. Whether it's a suitcase of old dress-up costumes or a truckload of office furniture, we'll store it for you for a month, a year, or as long as you need.


Nothing is as important to us as the security of your stored items, all of our units have individual door locks. What does that mean for you? You can rest easy, knowing that your goods are in safe storage.

Hassle-free self-storage

Our goal is easy and safe storage. You have access to your goods 24/7, without needing on-site managers. Access is easy with secure entry, payment is easy with Direct Debit, so contact us today for more information.
A safe storage facility in Waitakaruru
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